Hanlon Law Announces Reasons It Is Crucial to Hire A DUI Attorney

In a recent public service announcement, Hanlon Law mentioned why people should hire a DUI attorney if they have been arrested for a DUI/DWI in St. Petersburg, FL.

(St. Petersburg, FL April 2022) Hanlon Law, a criminal defense law firm in St. Petersburg, FL, recently shared some reasons why people should hire a DUI attorney for their DUI/DWI case. The firm said that they decided to share this to encourage people to seek a criminal defense attorney in their DUI cases because it is possible to have their charges reduced or dismissed.

Hanlon Law noted that working with a DUI attorney will typically give a person a fighting chance against all the impending DUI charges. The team said that their experienced DUI lawyers know Florida DUI laws inside and out, and may be able to find any loopholes in the charges. The group added that DUI lawyers have a better approach to pleading for better sentences.

Hanlon Law also said that without hiring a DUI lawyer, it is possible to get the maximum penalty in St. Petersburg, FL. Depending on the number of offenses and levels of intoxication, a person may face an increased number of years in jail time and a fine.

The law firm said that working with a St. Petersburg DUI lawyer will give individuals a fighting chance to have their charges reduced or even dismissed completely. In many cases, your St. Petersburg DUI lawyer can challenge the validity of the initial stop by police based on if there was really probable cause. Also, they noted that while blood and breath testing sound very scientific and trustworthy, this isn’t always true. In some cases, you can challenge the accuracy of the breathalyzer, the experience of the officer who administered it, and the reliability of the lab that performed the blood test.

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Hanlon Law is a criminal defense law firm in St. Petersburg, FL. The legal team is highly experienced in criminal law and criminal defense. They defend their client’s rights and work to have their charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Their practice areas include DUI, sex offenses, drug trafficking, domestic violence, and other criminal cases. Additionally, they have more than 25 years of courtroom experience and have tirelessly fought and won thousands of criminal cases for their clients. For quality defense legal services in St. Petersburg, Florida, contact Hanlon Law today.

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