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Being accused of a crime can cause a massive setback in an individual’s life, making the performance of one’s daily activities a struggle. The criminal attorneys at Hanlon Law are here to ensure that people accused of a crime get the fair legal representation they deserve. Hanlon Law is an award-winning and publicly acclaimed legal team founded over 20 years ago. Some of the cases handled include sex crimes, aggravated assault, domestic violence, DUI charges, and drug crimes.

(St. Petersburg, FL February 2022) Criminal attorney Will Hanlon is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the accused for a wide range of offenses under Florida and federal laws. Mr. Hanlon has a deep understanding for each of his client’s situations and provides an aggressive approach in defending his client’s freedom.

As a top-rated criminal lawyer in St. Petersburg, he has over two decades of experience representing St. Petersburg clients charged with offenses ranging from sex crimes, aggravated assault, domestic violence, and drug crimes. Mr. Hanlon brings the same zealous advocacy to the courtroom no matter the case.

Hanlon Law is a customer-centered law firm that ensures clients get proper criminal defense representation. Hanlon Law knows that time is essential and will work on your case quickly to protect your rights and your future. In addition, a criminal attorney in St. Petersburg from Hanlon Law will provide a free consultation, which potential clients may schedule through giving their defense firm a call or filling out a form on their website.

About Hanlon Law

Hanlon Law is a criminal defense law firm in St. Petersburg, FL. The legal team is highly experienced in criminal law and criminal defense. They defend their client’s rights and work to have their charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Their practice areas include DUI, sex offenses, drug trafficking, domestic violence, and other criminal cases. Additionally, they have more than 25 years of courtroom experience and have tirelessly fought and won thousands of criminal cases for their clients. For quality legal services in St. Petersburg, Florida, contact them today.

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