Hanlon Law Discusses Key Reasons to Hire a St. Petersburg DUI Lawyer After Being Arrested for DUI

Hanlon Law, a criminal defense firm in St. Petersburg, Florida recently discussed some of the key reasons to hire a St. Petersburg DUI lawyer after being arrested for DUI. Currently, Hanlon Law offers exceptional legal services and has defended thousands of clients accused of a myriad of DUI charges.

(St. Petersburg, FL January 2022) Attorney William Hanlon, a St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney, recently discussed some of the key reasons to hire a DUI lawyer after being arrested for DUI. The St. Petersburg criminal defense law firm said they are currently one of the few legal teams that strategizes a more in-depth approach in defending their clients. This is because they handle DUI cases daily, from arrest to trial, and know some of the best defense strategies in representing their clients.

A Florida DUI is a serious criminal offense that may carry either misdemeanor or felony penalties. According to the criminal attorneys at Hanlon Law, the penalty for a DUI misdemeanor or a felony can range from probation to jail depending on the client’s background and the nature of the facts.  They added that DUI charges only result after it is proven that someone is operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In most cases, if the blood alcohol level is 0.8% or more during the time of arrest. They further noted that DUIs have different penalties, and each is handled differently depending on the circumstances leading to them.

The team went on to discuss the benefits of hiring a St. Petersburg DUI lawyer after being arrested for DUI/DWI. DUI lawyers are experienced in DUI defense strategies and will do their best to make the process less stressful and help reduce a client’s sentencing. They stated that DUI laws are difficult to understand in the state of Florida. Therefore, only a criminal lawyer with extensive knowledge of Florida DUI laws and experience in defending DUI cases should be representing the accused on these charges.  An experienced DUI attorney will know exactly what to expect in their client’s DUI case and can craft a solid defense with proven strategies they’ve seen or used in the past. They mentioned that one of the main reasons that DUI lawyers get successful results is because they’ve defended thousands of past clients and have the track record of either getting charges reduced or dismissed.

The team added that thousands of people face DUI charges each year, and offenders shouldn’t feel ashamed in contacting them. They further advised that if one is facing DUI/DWI charges, they should not take them lightly and always hire a defense attorney to represent them.

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Hanlon Law is a criminal defense law firm in St. Petersburg, FL. The legal team is highly experienced in criminal law and criminal defense. They defend their client’s rights and work to have their charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Their practice areas include DUI, sex offenses, drug trafficking, domestic violence, and other criminal cases. Additionally, they have more than 25 years of courtroom experience and have tirelessly fought and won thousands of criminal cases for their clients. For quality legal services in St. Petersburg, Florida, contact them today.

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