Hanlon Law Explains Reasons to Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney After Being Accused of Domestic Violence

Hanlon Law, a criminal defense law firm based in St. Petersburg, Florida explains reasons why someone should hire a domestic violence attorney after being accused of domestic violence. Having an experienced St. Petersburg domestic violence lawyer working for you can make a tremendous difference in the outcome for you and your family.

(St. Petersburg, FL January 2022) Hanlon Law recently explained reasons to hire a domestic violence attorney after being accused of domestic violence. The staff at the firm is passionate about what they do, with criminal law being their sole area of practice. They are highly experienced and have been defending and fighting for their clients’ rights since 1994.

The firm pointed out that hiring a St. Petersburg domestic violence attorney can help minimize potential consequences. They explained that this is the most important reason anyone facing domestic charges should hire a domestic violence lawyer. They mentioned that a domestic violence lawyer should possess the knowledge of local state Florida laws pertaining to domestic violence. Clients facing such charges can rely on them to act in their best interest and adequately fight for their rights to reduce charges or earn them an acquittal. Also, they noted that they have extensive skills in investigating the crucial details involved in a domestic case to help figure out what really transpired.

The firm also stated that it is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney because they have knowledge and experience in criminal court procedures. They explained that criminal charges can usually involve many court appearances and procedures, including arraignment, trial, and sentencing. The best thing that someone accused of domestic violence can do in such circumstances is to hire a criminal attorney who can answer their questions and advise them accordingly. The criminal attorney can also inform the client when their subsequent proceedings are upcoming to ensure they do not miss any important court dates.

Apart from reduced charges and vast court experience, the firm also stated that cases of domestic violence are not uncommon in Florida. They confirmed that actions such as stalking, battery, kidnapping, and aggravated assault may all count as domestic violence. Anyone who has been accused of such charges should not hesitate to hire an experienced criminal lawyer to help them defend themselves.

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